Linda Verbunt: “It’s about being compliant and being fast.”

At TSG, we believe progress is produced by people. Who are our people, and what do they believe in? This time, we had a chat with Linda Verbunt, manager Compliancy & Operations. She discusses the importance of optimizing processes and tailoring information to customers and colleagues.

Keeping up the pace
Her department’s work in a nutshell? “After a match has been made with a new specialist, or a new customer has chosen our services, my department comes into play,” Linda says. “For example, we check whether everything complies with current laws and regulations, and what our obligations are to the customer as well as the specialist. We make sure everything is well-documented and accessible to those who need it.”

Linda and her colleagues maintain a strong customer focus. “In everything we do, we ask ourselves: how can we add customer value? This can be for the actual customer, but also for the specialist or an internal customer.”

“We like to keep up the pace. If on a Friday a specialist is told ‘you can start working on a project in Antwerp’, we make sure that person receives the contract before the weekend. We want these processes to run as smoothly as possible. Even if something changes in terms of regulations, we implement it with great speed. This prevents our customers from running any risk.”

What works best

The Compliancy & Operations department has grown quickly over the past two years. “We can get the job done for every label within TSG,” Linda says. “We are now streamlining the processes in our Belgian and German offices as well, so we can work as one team across the countries. The added value for our various labels is in our shared knowledge and increased efficiency. That way we are not only compliant – we are also fast.”

What happens when a new label joins TSG? “First, we map out their processes. How is it organized there? Are there things they do better than we do? Then we can learn from them. Next, we figure out if there is anything we can improve there. So instead of directly applying our processes to their organization, we want to find out what works best. For instance, some of the processes can probably be automated. That saves costs.”

“You can see it at Or-Quest, for example. Now that they are a part of TSG, they can focus on sales and delivery, and we take care of the rest. I am proud that we managed to make this happen so quickly.”

A company within the company

“In a way, we are a company within the company. We serve all our labels, and we get great response to that.”

“We are continuously making information useful for all parties. I want to arrange things well for the specialist so that he knows his rights when he starts a project. For the consultant, the commercial aspect is important. A colleague from the financial administration wants to know what the invoicing process will look like. And the customer wants the necessary details for purchasing and operation. We really want to make all parties happy. That’s our mentality within TSG.”

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