Anne-Marie Huijsmans: “Trust makes the difference.”

At TSG, we believe progress is produced by people. Who are our people, and what do they believe in? We had a chat with Anne-Marie Huijsmans, manager payroll. She discusses the importance of service and mutual trust.

Every payment

Anne-Marie knows what she’s talking about: she has been in this line of work for about 26 years now. “I joined STAR 13 years ago. As the manager payroll, I am responsible for every payment that goes to our colleagues. This includes employees as well as freelancers.”

“Together with our colleagues in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, we make sure freelancers spend as little time as possible on invoicing. That way they can focus on their job. Just as we want to pay our employees on time, we also pay our freelancers on time. We want it to be a hassle-free process.”

Shared mentality

As STAR grew, Anne-Marie and her colleagues have maintained a personal approach. “For instance, if somehow an error occurs in the billing process and a specialist can’t be paid on time, we will give them a call and solve the problem as quickly as possible. They appreciate this. Clear communication is very important to us.”

The payrolling team has a strong shared mentality. It comes down to being friendly, helpful, and decisive. “It starts during job interviews when we discuss the importance of service with potential new colleagues. After that, there is a lot of learning on the job. We help each other out wherever necessary. We also share our experiences. After a phone call, for instance: how would you handle a conversation like that? This is an important way to expand your knowledge and develop your skills.”

A major transition

“Within TSG, our work is never boring,” Anne-Marie says. “There is always a new project that we can get involved in. And because there are many talented people who come up with new ideas, our organization continues to develop.”

A good example of exciting projects? Acquisitions. “When Sentijn and Or-Quest joined us and TSG grew, we took over their back-offices. First, our team comes in and takes over payroll management. That is a major transition, of course,” Anne-Marie emphasizes. She smiles: “I can imagine it felt overwhelming for them when we came barging in. But it all went smoothly thanks to our mutual trust. Later on, the Contracts and HR teams come into play. We believe in the gradual approach.”

Creating trust

“Because STAR has made several acquisitions, we got better and better at figuring out what the end result should look like, what we need to optimally organize the work processes, and how to keep everybody on the same page. Trust is what makes all the difference, knowing we can rely on each other to provide good service and quality.”

Anne-Marie is proud of the results everyone has achieved so far.

“We now work closely together, and it is wonderful to see how we are strengthening each other within TSG.”


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