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We put plans for progress into practice by getting our clients the right people for the job. Our technical specialists set things in motion. Build the future. Literally. We are the tailor made toolbox for the staffing of specialised technical projects of all sorts and sizes. Project or secondment based. With a broad base of highly skilled technical specialists, we help industries move forward towards a sustainable future.

Our labels


Where talented engineers meet innovative and sustainable organizations.


Deploying and developing specialists in construction, infrastructure and industry.


Market leader in bringing technical expertise to the most challenging projects.

ECC Solutions

Provides 24/7 validated data on progress, quality, commissioning and hand-over.


People-focused secondment agency serving the technical sector.


Manages all your freelance onboarding and contracts.
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Helping industries move towards a sustainable future

At the Specialist Group, we are especially passionate about helping businesses and industries move towards a sustainable future. We have a world to win – and save. Our people are key: it’s their drive, knowledge and expertise that makes actual, innovative change happen. By unlocking our specialists’ potential we help materialise our clients’ ambitions. And, as a partner on the road to the energy transition, we’re in it with them for the long haul.

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