Kim Tomassen: “The feeling that we are one is very important”

At TSG, we believe progress is produced by people. Who are our people, and what do they believe in? This time, we had a chat with Kim Tomassen, HR manager. She discusses the importance of openness, strong connections, and our shared work ethic.

Moving forward together

“We believe in the value of a strong connection between labels, locations and departments,” Kim says. “How can we complement each other; how can we reinforce each other? Here in The Netherlands, we can sometimes be very convinced of our own methods and think ‘this is the best way to work’. But of course, we can learn a lot from our colleagues in other countries.”

The same goes for other labels within The Specialist Group. “I have been working for STAR for over 12 years, so I probably look at things through a pair of STAR glasses. Yet we do not want to impose our view on other labels. STAR might be bigger than another label, but that doesn’t mean we are always right. We think it is important to keep learning from each other and leave a lot of room for the specific knowledge and experience of others.”


The same work ethic
Kim strongly believes in a high level of openness. “We also encourage these mutual connections during training courses on strategic leadership. It is important that you can look at yourself and be vulnerable. Then you can quickly realize that we are all the same. The feeling that we are one is important to us.”

What do we all have in common at TSG? “The willingness to learn, to share knowledge, to seize opportunities for growth. This is facilitated very well. We are happy to make it possible, because it is a win-win situation on all sides.”

And there is something more, Kim says. “When I interview a job candidate, it’s not just about competencies and work experience. It’s about who is sitting opposite me. Do they have a work ethic that matches ours? The fact that we all have that in common, also makes us strong as a collective.”


The group’s value
What does HR do when a new label joins TSG?  “We read up: what do they do exactly, what is their approach to management and leadership, what kind of employer are they? I believe it’s important that we, as HR, are well-prepared when we get to know a new company – while remaining open to who they are.”

It is highly valuable to have several labels together in one group, Kim elaborates. “For specialists, for instance. If the culture of one company doesn’t suit them, it is worth exploring opportunities with the others. But it’s also interesting to our clients. The labels can complement each other very well when it comes to staffing entire projects. And so, the strength of TSG manifests itself in several ways.”


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