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We are the tailor made toolbox for the staffing of specialised technical projects of all sorts and sizes. Project or secondment based. With a broad base of highly skilled technical specialists, we help industries move forward towards a sustainable future.

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Helping industries move towards a sustainable future

Over 80% of our specialists are involved in projects supporting the energy transition and creating a more sustainable industrial environment. At The Specialist Group, we firmly believe in creating a better future for people and the planet. That’s why we continue to grow in areas with a world to win in sustainability – literally.

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From the very beginning, The Specialist Group has been in a relentless pursuit to bring out the best. This has shaped our company culture, which is positive and high-performance. Our entrepreneurial mindset encourages us to venture beyond our comfort zones continuously.

With a love for structure, discipline and flexibility, we’re dedicated to meeting our clients’ expectations, always clarifying how we operate. Our firm commitment to their ambitions inspires us to continue to grow too.

Nurturing our most priceless asset

No matter how high the sky is, real people are reaching for it. Because they make change happen,  The Specialist Group puts them first. As an employer, reliability is where every successful collaboration begins. And that support is where performance can take off. We guide, assist and encourage our people at every stage of their careers. Traineeships, personal training programmes and short courses are offered through our Academy.

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At The Specialist Group it is our goal to continuously improve ourselves along with our labels. We want our labels to be the best and most reliable partners to make the life of our clients and specialists easier, so they can focus on what they do best; their job.

Our main goal as a compliance and operations department is to be a reliable partner for our specialists and our clients. We strive for operational excellence but still put people first. We like to combine high standards with pragmatism and have a mindset for continuous improvement,. Most of all, we believe people can make the difference.

In a world that moves from project to project, we offer our specialists continuity. Strong relationships with specialists such as clients are very important to us. Despite the fact that much communication now takes place digitally, the personal relationship remains crucial within STAR. It is interest in each other that ensures that you can grow.

In 2010 I started secondment agency Or-Quest for construction, infrastructure and industry. My goal was clear: to be one of the top three best secondments from the Northern Netherlands. Several entrepreneurial awards, including the FD Gouden Gazelle Award, confirmed that my strategy is working.

"Growth starts with great ambition". We believe that a healthy dose of ambition underlies every growth. At Sentijn, the engineer is central. We believe in the power of engineers and want to contribute to this development. Talents of engineers that we bring together with our network of leading clients. Our essence is to create long-term relationships in order to contribute to a sustainable future.

Strategic green marketing and cross-border merger and acquisition completion: The role of corporate social responsibility and green patent development.

The engineering office Litecad has been focusing on sustainable projects and partnerships in the (energy) industry for over 25 years. As a result, we know how to fascinate technical professionals and clients with whom we build long-term relationships. Through a result-oriented, personal and no-nonsense approach, it is our people who make the difference. Talent, growth-development, conviction and dedication are our starting point in the road to success.

At STAR we know the market inside out. We therefore know exactly how to serve our clients and specialists. Today, but especially tomorrow. Our finance department plays an important role in our service. “Efficiency and humanity go fluently together”

At STAR everything is focused on the customer; that's what it boils down to. If you look at our way of working, it is exactly mirrored in the way projects are organized at our customers. Our consultants focus on all roles in a project organization, so that we can help our clients on all fronts. Offering security of supply is the most important thing here. And we aim for maximum quality.

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