Personal development at The Specialist Group

Things can progress incredibly fast in our clients’ industries. That is why our clients count on us to send fully trained specialists and timely facilitate additional training. Moreover, our labels consider self-development to be a priority. Our specialists and our own people are never done learning, both professionally and personally.

Ahead of our clients' needs

Our labels are geared towards providing the right people for the job. No matter the industry, specialisation, or level, we ensure all specialists perform at their best. We guide young professionals, help those with experience sharpen their skills and provide seasoned experts with even more specialised training – ahead of our client’s needs. In short, we’re on top of what is required, where and when.

Technical specialist development

It goes without saying that keeping one’s skills on point keeps opportunities coming. But just as important as building a career is taking care of one’s personal development. Making a new challenge a success requires as many soft as hard skills to bring fulfilment, pride, and a sense of belonging. To this end, our labels provide a range of personal and professional development tools and training for technical specialists.

Helping our people ahead

Providing our clients with the very best people for the job is a great and challenging task. Our people require in-depth knowledge of the client’s industry and current technical developments. Whether consultants, HR professionals, financial experts or other, our colleagues can only excel on a daily basis and grow personally and professionally through our personal and professional development tools and training – customised if needed.

Our partners

Our labels’ career facilities

Technical specialist looks into the camera with a smile.
Litecad supports students, professionals and job seekers with counselling, courses, coaching programmes and traineeships through Litecad Campus.
STAR Academy offers challenging courses and training, on-the-job learning, personal coaching and a contract with an industry market leader. STAR Academy is accessible to those new to and experienced in technical jobs.

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