On the way to becoming Europe’s industry leader

Since 2001, The Specialist Group has connected the highest skilled people to the most challenging projects. Today, we are in the fast lane to becoming Europe’s industry leader in technical jobs enabling the energy transition.

Unlocking people power

At The Specialist Group, we believe that progress starts with people. Their expertise drives innovation; their dedication turns plans into reality. It’s all about striking that perfect combination. This is where The Specialist Group comes in. We help industries move forward by providing the right people for the job.

Our passion

Helping industries move towards a sustainable future

Over 80% of our specialists are involved in projects supporting the energy transition and creating a more sustainable industrial environment. At The Specialist Group, we firmly believe in creating a better future for people and the planet. That’s why we continue to grow in areas with a world to win in sustainability – literally.

Our identity

Bringing out the best in each of us

From the very beginning, The Specialist Group has been in a relentless pursuit to bring out the best. This has shaped our company culture, which is positive and high-performance. Our entrepreneurial mindset encourages us to venture beyond our comfort zones continuously.

With a love for structure, discipline and flexibility, we’re dedicated to meeting our clients’ expectations, always clarifying how we operate. Our firm commitment to their ambitions inspires us to continue to grow too.

Our clients

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