Sentijn and Or-Quest join forces and rebrand to Sensor

The Specialist Group merges both companies’ expertise and creates a Dutch technical secondment services provider which focusses on energy transition and covers the entire country.

Moerdijk, The Netherlands – 18 december 2023

After acquiring secondment services providers Sentijn in 2018 and Or-Quest in 2020, The Specialist Group today announces the merger of the two companies specialized in the engineering sector. The new company operates under the name Sensor and retains the existing offices in the following Dutch cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Zwolle, Drachten, Breda and Moerdijk.

Sensor is specialized in secondments for projects contributing to the energy transition, focusing on placing experts in civil engineering, infrastructure, structural, electrical and mechanical engineering. Combining the two companies creates a national network, allowing Sensor to draw from a wider pool of specialists. This has the advantage that clients can be served more broadly. The technical specialists of Sentijn and Or-Quest will join the new combination. A total of 568 technical specialists were placed this year.

In 2023, Sentijn and Or-Quest helped more than 300 clients, supporting them with projects such as the wind turbines in the Wadden Sea, the IJmuiden sea lock, the Markermeer dykes, and sustainable office buildings such as The Edge and Valley in the financial district Zuidas in Amsterdam.

Emanuel Peters, who was appointed managing director of both Or-Quest and Sentijn in June 2023, will lead Sensor. Sentijn and Or-Quest’s founders will remain involved with Sensor and The Specialist Group in an advisory capacity.

Sil Hoeve, Chief Executive Officer of The Specialist Group: “With Sensor, we are combining complementary expertise and create a national secondment services company specializing in various technical sectors. The name Sensor reflects the company’s ambition: carefully selecting the right specialists for our clients and vice versa. In addition, Sensor also contains parts of the two companies’ original names to emphasize the merger’s strong complementary character. Sensor is The Specialist Group’s next step in its mission to help our clients find the scarce specialists they need to drive innovation and sustainability.”

Emanuel Peters, director of Sensor, added: “Sensor’s main goal is to further improve our services through collaborating. We see great potential in combining the experienced professionals of Or-Quest and the out-of-the-box thinking of Sentijn’s young professionals. The combination not only allows us to benefit from synergies but is also an excellent foundation for our national network’s expansion. We strongly believe in the power of local presence and will therefore retain the existing offices and regional cultures of both companies. We confidently look forward to this new phase in which we will jointly further contribute to the energy transition in the Netherlands.”


About The Specialist Group

The Specialist Group (“TSG”) is a platform that deploys technical specialists on a project basis and is headquartered in Moerdijk, the Netherlands. Focusing on further accelerating the energy transition, TSG served over 600 clients in 2023 in technical end markets such as energy, chemicals, infrastructure, renewable energy and life sciences. More than 80% of TSG’s specialists are involved in energy transition projects and the creation of a more sustainable industry. The company operates through five labels (STAR Group, Sensor, LiteCad, ECC Solutions and Altio) and provides regional coverage in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Sweden, targeting both experienced candidates and young professionals. TSG is backed by funds managed by Oaktree Capital Management, L.P, a global investor specialized in alternatives and USD 179 billion in assets under management as per 30 June 2023.


About Sensor

Sensor is a Dutch technical secondment services company with a focus on contributing to the energy transition. With 60 employees and offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Zwolle, Drachten, Breda and Moerdijk, Sensor operates throughout the Netherlands. The company served around 300 clients in 2023 and focuses on placing experts in civil engineering, infrastructure, construction, electrical and mechanical engineering with a focus on projects that contribute to energy transition. Sensor operates as one of The Specialist Group’s five labels. The Specialist Group founded Sensor in 2023 by merging Sentijn and Or-Quest, two secondment services companies specializing in engineers.

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