Meet Sensor: The powerful fusion of Sentijn and Or-Quest

Meet Sensor, The Specialist Group’s new label that focuses on the mediation of technical specialists. Sensor results from the merger of local heroes Sentijn and Or-Quest, with director Emanuel Peters at the helm. This merger has made Sensor an impressive national player, with branches in South Holland and the north of the Netherlands. From Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Zwolle, Drachten, Breda, and Moerdijk, Sensor served more than 300 customers in various technical sectors in 2023.

Sensor is not just about one organization with one mission; it is a driven and committed group of people who offer every technical specialist the best opportunities. People are at its core, as is always personally providing them with all the tools needed to realize their ambitions.

Both companies, Sentijn and Or-Quest, were known for providing technical specialists in different regions: South Holland and North Holland. The opportunity to learn from each other’s strengths lies at the basis of their merger. Sentijn excels in finding and retaining young technical specialists and is very efficient in its recruitment process. On the other hand, Or-Quest is strong in recruiting mid- and senior-level professionals, including self-employed people, maintaining relationships, and retaining specialists. “Both companies benefit from unique strengths, making the merger almost a no-brainer,” says Emanuel.


Preserve local culture

Two local companies become one national player with the same organization and mission. “We are now active in Rotterdam, Drachten, Zwolle, and Amsterdam, but retain the local culture that made us successful. We understand local culture and needs well, and with our years of knowledge, we arrange surprising matches between customers and specialists. We know the market inside-out and continue to delve into what is happening – or lies ahead.”

While only the name appears to have changed, there are noticeable improvements. “We are creating a sustainable organization that is considered among the top companies in our field you want to belong to,” Emanuel explains. “We want to engage and fascinate our specialists by offering surprising and challenging projects. We ask questions, are close, are involved with each other, and therefore know what is suitable or necessary. The goal is always to give each person the tools to give their best. That is why we offer development programs, traineeships, and training courses, all of which fall under our academy.”

“This is vital as the labor market is constantly changing. People must continue to learn and grow, especially considering trends such as the energy transition. We want to ensure that our people stay up to date and add value to their work, even as the world around them changes rapidly.”


Development programs, traineeships, and training

“We have chatted with our current staff to understand their goals. We are now working on a plan to retain employees longer and engage them to ensure that they reach senior status after this period.” What makes this so important? Sensor expects to grow, meaning it needs the right people. The company always supplies the best technical specialists for the most challenging projects and knows the market inside and out. For this reason, employees must be adequately trained and prepared to become experts in their field.

In addition, Sensor focuses on the specialists who are part of the organization. The aim is to bring uniformity to all conditions previously applied to the two companies. “Sustainability starts with getting the basics in order, where we aim for insight and transparency.”


Personalized approach

Emanuel believes that Sensor stands out due to its highly personal approach, which is unique compared to other players in the market. Yes, other companies may be ‘personal,’ but Emanuel points to one simple yet essential feature: the difference made by the people. “That’s why we select our team members based on their ability to build trusting relationships, a network, and credibility. This lets them bring change about. Although our organization is diverse, we all share the same vision and drive. We cherish a family atmosphere, a culture in which employees are there for each other – where opportunities are offered if you perform accordingly.”


A more extensive network

The merger results in improved service quality, attention to people, and access to a more extensive network. High-quality specialists are delivered faster, leading to increased customer satisfaction. The merger provides access to a broader range of profiles, allowing customers to benefit from a more diverse offering.

What characterizes Sensor is the large group of people who are driven to do business and adapt quickly. “Our adaptability ensures that customers and specialists are optimally served,” Emanuel concludes. “We continue to adjust on all fronts, including behavior, processes, structures, systems, approaches, motivation, and inspiration. With a team of enthusiastic people who want the same, the challenge is ensuring they achieve this.”


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