Emanuel Peters: “Connection is the foundation for a successful relationship”

Emanuel Peters has started as the new director of Or-Quest and Sentijn. As part of The Specialist Group both companies have grown in recent years. With Emanuel’s arrival, we are now at the beginning of a new, ambitious phase in which we want to continue to grow together in a sustainable way. The former directors and founders Jelmer Spijksma (Or-Quest) and Thomas Fiévez (Sentijn) remain connected in an advisory role. 

How would you describe yourself?

“I grew up in an entrepreneurial family with different companies in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands and got to experience first-hand what entrepreneurship means; persevering, taking responsibility and remaining critical, taking good care of your employees, but also daring to think big, staying positive and continuing to innovate yourself.”

Portretfoto van Emanuel Peters.

What do you bring to the table?

“After working in our family businesses for some time and starting out with my own business, I eventually found my way into job placement. I learned that you don’t achieve success just by focusing on results, but more importantly by empowering people so that they become successful. Therefore, I do not believe you should manage people. If your colleagues understand your goals and the reasons why, they can take responsibility and act independently. And, I think this is very important: as a result  everyone experiences more freedom and enjoyment in their work.”

What ambitions do you have for this club?

“By creating a powerful brand experience tailored to our target group, I want to increase our appeal. And that experience stretches from first click through the website, to being employed with us, or matched through us to great projects and clients, for ten years. In this way we contribute to becoming a market leader within the Netherlands.”

“In the workplace it is becoming more and more important to build lasting relationships. I would love it if soon everyone says: ‘what a great company to work for, I feel seen and heard.’ This of course applies to both our employees and the specialists we second. My goal is that we grow together in this way. I deliberately say together, because as far as I am concerned, connection is the foundation of a successful, lasting relationship.”

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