Case: this is how TSG contributes to the renewal of the Afsluitdijk

It might be the greatest hydraulic engineering work of this century: the renewal of the Afsluitdijk. STAR, Sentijn and Or-Quest, all three part of The Specialist Group (TSG), are proud to provide specialists for this important project. “It is great to contribute to the protection of the Netherlands.”

32 kilometers

Since 1932, the Afsluitdijk has protected large parts of the Netherlands against the water. The Afsluitdijk is also an indispensable connection between Friesland and North Holland. The dike is currently undergoing extensive renovation. Because the sea level is rising but also because it does not meet current safety standards.

Commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat, Levvel is working on the renewal of the Afsluitdijk, over the full 32 kilometers. Levvel is a construction consortium consisting of BAM, Van Oord and Rebel. Specialists from STAROr-Quest and Sentijn are working on this extensive project.

Pumping stations, weirs, locks, bridges

In addition to the connection between North Holland and Friesland and the protection against water, the project is also interesting because the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer will be reconnected. This is good for fish migration and the diversity of flora and fauna in the area.

“We are proud to be able to help Levvel on the Afsluitdijk. It has been called the greatest hydraulic engineering work of the century. Pumping stations, weirs, locks, bridges: it’s all part of it. In total it will take about ten years,” says Thomas Wester, sales director at STAR.

Leading project

“Several TSG labels are represented,” Thomas continues. “Together we can perfectly serve a project like this. Sentijn supplies talented, starting engineers. Or-Quest supplies experienced specialists from the northern region. STAR has also placed several specialists, project professionals from all over the country. It concerns all disciplines: from work planners to designers and implementers, from project leaders to inspectors and quality managers.”

Jelmer Spijksma, director of Or-Quest, adds: “The work on the Afsluitdijk is truly a gem. It includes Design & Build, Finance and Maintenance (DBFM). We are active in each of those areas. Our specialists enjoy working for such leading projects. Being in the north – our trusted region – it also fits in perfectly with us. And as a group we show that we can work together.”

Facilitate sustainability

It is increasingly common for STAR, Or-Quest and Sentijn to work together, says Thomas Fievez, director of Sentijn. “The functions are identical on different projects. In cases like these it’s great to have a permanent core of specialists who complement each other and understand each other well. We always make sure that we are flexible to ensure that the needed capacity is fully in order.”

He also talks about the project with great enthusiasm. “Naturally, the Netherlands has grown in hydraulic engineering because we are below sea level. The Afsluitdijk is one of the most beautiful projects in that regard. It is great for us to contribute to the protection of the Netherlands.”

The attention to sustainability is especially nice. “The project has already been awarded a Sustainability Pearl. This is partly due to the innovative concrete blocks that ensure a substantial CO2 reduction. That makes it all the more attractive for young specialists. They would like to contribute to sustainability and the energy transition. As TSG, we are happy to facilitate that.”

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